Sutton Hoo

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Sutton Hoo

Much of what we know about the Anglo-Saxons comes from graves like the one discovered at Sutton Hoo. Near the River Deben, at Sutton Hoo, are 11 mounds or ‘barrows’ dating back to the 7th Century. In 1939 archaelogists explored the largest mound and discovered a ship buried in the mound. The Sutton Hoo ship is the biggest and most complete Anglo-Saxon ship ever found, and is longer than many of the largest modern ocean-going yachts. The burial goods from Sutton Hoo are remarkable – gold weapons and armour, inlaid ornaments, silver and tableware. Also found within the ship was a purse containing 37 gold Merovingian (Gaulish) gold coins dating from the 620s AD. Visitors can see finds from the site, and take a lovely walk through woodlands and along field boundaries to the burial mounds.

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