Marketed Service

At Suffolk Hideaways we offer two different levels of service; Marketed or Fully-Managed

Our Marketed Service is designed for homeowners who are happy to manage their properties themselves and prefer a more hands-on approach in respect of maintenance and the day-to-day running of their property.

Unlike some other local agencies, there is no charge to join our portfolio or for professional photography, inclusion in our brochure or marketing your property through our website and via a full online and offline marketing strategy.

Danes House, Aldeburgh
Lodge Farm, Freston
Ayres End Studio, Kersey

Our experienced bookings team act on your behalf and deal with all enquiries whether they be via phone, email, website and convert these to live bookings. We manage all the administration in respect of taking deposit and balance payments and liaise closely with your guest in the run-up to their stay. We also liaise with both you and/or your housekeeper as soon as either a provisional or confirmed booking is made, along with any specific housekeeping instructions to ensure the guest experience is as good as it can be.

Once guests have arrived at your property, the guest is provided with your details allowing you to respond to any feedback or any issues that may arise during their stay and your contact numbers will be included within our professionally printed Suffolk Hideaways Property Information Guide.

By opting for the Marketed Service, you will be responsible for ensuring the changeovers take place efficiently between guest stays and any property maintenance matters that may arise between lets.

In summary:

For our Marketing Service we charge a commission on the total rental income, for each period your property is let by us.

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